I moved to Istanbul <3

Hello everybody, finally I moved from Eskişehir to Istanbul. By the way, Istanbul isn’t capital of Turkey 🙂 But it’s a mega city like NY for USA.

So, why did I move? Because, I got a project in Istanbul and to finish it, I moved here. I also lived in Istanbul almost 5 years ago. Now I’m here again!

If you don’t know anything about me (probably you don’t) I would like to explain what am I doing exactly. I’m a web developer. Working as a freelancer and have 10+ years experience about development.

I love my job, that’s why I never had to work 🙂 I mean, I always working but it’s not feeling like I’m working. You know what I’m say?

Anyway, in these days, I’m looking a letter friend. If you interesting, send an e-mail for details. ([email protected]) I mean, yeah it’s like 80’s, but I love old school things 🙂

See you in the next post.

I’m getting change..

I realized something about me. I think I’m getting change. Because before, I wasn’t use new technologies, I even wasn’t try. But now, after all these years I decide to use new languages and technologies.

I think everything will be okay. I have enough money, I have clients, but most important thing is I have power to do something.

And now, with this new tayfun what am I gonna do? Fear from me, because the devil woke up (devil emoji was here!) 🙂

Welcome to my experimental blog

Welcome to my first article. My name is tayfun. Same with typhoon word in english. I’m a developer in earth, and I have some personal projects on the web. Well, I like animals especially cats because I have two little cute pussy 🙂 By the way I used the “pussy” word instead of kitten, don’t search other meanings 😀

In this blog, I’m gonna create an english articles just because to improve my english. But please don’t look the grammer, because I don’t have it yet! But, I’m a stable person who never has this skills.

Also I’m gonna record articles as a podcast, thus I can improve my speaking as well.

So, I’m glad to meet you. If you learning english too, talk with someone who wants to improve english like me 🙂 Don’t be shy, we can do this.